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Shea Nut & Honey Body Butter


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Green Tea Detox Body Scrub


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Moroccan Rose Mist


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Lilac Frost - 2 in 1 Eyeshadow

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Japanese Body Brush


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Lavender Goatmilk - Organic Cold Pressed Soap


Look after your Health and Beauty with Genuine 100% natural & Certified Organic skincare

Body Temple is pure, unadulterated natural skincare and aromatherapy that has been extensively researched and developed to bring balance and harmony to your body and mind.   Our unique combinations of genuine 100% natural & certified organic ingredients are carefully selected for their proven ability to improve the health and enhance skin appearance.

Our unique synergistic blends are enriched with the finest certified organic ingredients, premium A Grade therapeutic essential oils, and powerful herbal & plant extracts, providing superior skin support and conditioning. Body Temple works in perfect harmony with your skin.   As a result your skin will luminesce with a truly healthy radiance you can feel.

Body Temple is created with total awareness, using only the freshest ingredients and raw materials - free of the need for harsh, toxic synthetic chemical fillers, additives and ingredients (including preservatives).

We do not believe in subjecting skin to harmful synthetic ingredients when nature provides everything you need for your entire wellbeing. Body Temple replaces synthetic actives with alive, potent and intensely nourishing natural concentrates full of rich complex plant-nutrients vital for healthy skin.

Through advanced science, Body Temple harnesses the power of these plant-nutrients - essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals, to bring to you an extensive range of organic natural health and skin care.  

Choose from our extensive range of:

  • Face & Body skincare products
    • Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers - creams, lotions & butter

    • Treatments – facials, serums, masks, body scrubs

    • Mists, Hydrators & Refesheners

    • Perfumes

    • Lip Gloss and Conditioner

    • 100% Natural Cold Pressed – traditionally hand milled

    • Bath & Spa - soaks, milk baths, oils & bath accessories

    • Aliment Remedies – creams, lotions, oils, pulse point roll-ons.

    • Body & Bath Accessories – sea sponges, sisal brushes, mitts, exfoliating equipment
  • Pure Mineral Makeup – FREE from irritants (Bismuth-oxychloride) & fillers (cornflour, starch, talc etc.)
    • Foundation (high SPF)

    • Lip stain, colour & gloss

    • Blush

    • Eyeshadow
    • Make up Accessories – kabuki brushes, kabuki case, and professional make up brushes.
  • Over 80 pure A Grade therapeutic, rare and exotic essential oils & pure blends

  • Resins, Smudge Sticks, Eye Pillows

  • Wide range of Essential Oil Vaporisers (Electric & Candle)

  • Practitioner Supplies

  • Raw Materials – cold press oils, extracts, raw ingredients

  • Bulk ingredients and bases, and cosmetic grade oils

  • Reference Charts

  • Bottles & Jars

  • Aromatherapy, Health and Beauty Books

  • Beautiful Gift Packages

  • Great Gift Ideas, Accessories + much, much more…

    We also supply and stock a range of carefully selected complementary merchandise such as high quality Japanese and Indian incense, charcoal, pet care, and gift books, limited edition gift cards and healing & health cards. Give your skin the organic care it deserves with our products that allow you to honour your own Body Temple.   Visit our premises in Greenslopes, Queensland, or click here to order online.